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2020 Toyota Supra MKV - Paint Protection Film

We did a full install on this Toyota Supra with Suntek Ultra Matte paint protection film. Turning this black glossy paint into a matte cool finish. This vehicle is not for any intermediate installer due to the design of the vehicle. We highly recommend a very experienced installer/shop for the new Supra MKV.

One Piece Hood for this oversized hood

Most shops will do this hood in 2-3 pieces but that’s not an option for us at Auto Film Specialists. Our goal has always been to do what others can't: an almost seamless install that is edge wrapped and consists of 1 piece on some of its most difficult body parts. We were able to a 1-piece seamless edge wrap on the hood.

Some edge wrapping & seamless install

We were able to wrap most of the edges in some places. Below are pictures of the edge wrapped pieces. The trunk piece had to be seamed. We attempted to stretch the film so much that the clear coat on the film cracked on the 3rd attempt. Most of the seam was hidden on the lower angle of the hatch.

Front Bumper

The pattern to the front bumper had so many seams that we had to modify it. Out of 4 PPF patterns we decided that Suntek TruCut had the best pattern. We still had to modify the pattern to hide the seam towards the back and inside so it was hidden. This vehicle has rock chips on the bumper. That is why you are seeing imperfections on the bumper after the film is installed. We modified and installed the front bumper 3 times to get an almost perfect, almost seamless looking fit. You will rarely see close up pictures of the front bumper from other shops due to all of the visible seams. We will show you close up pictures of the front bumper, the seams, and how we hid them.

The Final Out Come

We added red vinyl (Avery Carmine Red) to the lower unpainted plastic parts and mirrors. We removed the badges and purchased new ones so the PPF would be more seamless. We also added gloss PPF to the door jambs to prevent scratching from shoes while getting in and out of the vehicle. You can read more on the forum at

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